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Can I Immigrate Through Marriage?

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Immigration | 0 comments

It’s always so much simpler in the stories. Two people fall in love and suddenly, everything is fixed and okay. All you need to do is watch the credits roll on your happily ever after. Unfortunately, the world isn’t actually that small and adding to your family, as according to the website of the lawyers with Arenson Law Group, PC, is still a legal matter.

Take, for example, your fiancé/fiancée is not a native of the country where you two want to spend the rest of your lives. The matter of immigration is then brought to the table. Is it then, possible, to immigrate to the United States on the grounds of marriage? The answer, of course, is yes—but it may not be as straightforward as all that.

Marriage is actually one of the most popular methods of immigration into the country but marriage for the sole purpose of immigration is considered a fraud and might result into incarceration and having to pay a hefty fine. And the process, of course, isn’t easy. According to the website of the immigration lawyers with the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC, the U.S. permanent resident between the two must show documentation that they can fully support their spouse for up to ten years.

The non-U.S. spouse’s legal record also comes into play as previous criminal or medical records might also influence the process and so preparing the documentation for that is also advisable. There must also be sufficient proof that you and your spouse have been in a genuine relationship for a period of time. There is a lot of paperwork involved and not everything can be solved with a simple “I do.”

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