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Does Old McDonald Have a Lawyer?

Posted by on Jun 4, 2019 in Farming Accidents | 0 comments

You have almost certainly heard the old nursery rhyme, “Old McDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.” The rhyme, meant to teach small children about farm animals and the sounds that the farm animals typically make, is a fun activity. But do you know what is not fun? Receiving injuries from an accident involving those very same farm animals or livestock.

You heard it right: livestock accidents are a very real problem that every year, many Americans experience and must handle. Animals are supposed to be reasonably restrained and prevented from escaping onto roads in which they can be hit. Running into livestock is not only dangerous for the animals, but also for your vehicle and its inhabitants as the large bodies of the livestock can do serious damage.

The premise of this problem is funny enough, but the scope of injuries and the litigation surrounding the issue is no laughing matter. In this post, I will cover some of the common causes of livestock accidents and detail more information about an issue that millions of Americans face.

The Prevalence of Animal-Vehicle Collisions

Obvious to anecdotal evidence and instincts on the nature of driving, millions of Americans collide their vehicles with animals on the road. However, many of these animals are smaller animals like squirrels or, sadly, dogs and cats. Beneficial to our efforts, though, is the 2008 Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study: Report To Congress from the Federal Highway Administration. This report proves that millions of Americans experience collisions with large animals specifically, every year.

Most accidents take place on two-lane roads, though this does not inherently mean it is an issue unique to rural areas of the United States. Additional shocking, saddening information about this phenomenon is the degree to which these accidents occur with endangered or decreasing animal species.

The Cause of These Collisions

Weather conditions, road conditions, driver error, tire tread, and so many other factors can certainly impact or influence the likelihood of these collisions. Thankfully, no serious scholar of this issue blames animals or finds this party in the interaction as the party responsible for changing in order to reduce the prevalence of these collisions.

Surprisingly, as the website for the law firm Hare Wynn discusses, one of the common causes specific to livestock accidents is improper enclosure practices from ranchers or farmers. Issues with fencing (such as broken fencing, leaving gate(s) open, or not regularly checking in with stock quantities) are closely related to livestock accidents.

Unfortunately, the burden to prove that a person did not manage their property properly or follow through with their responsibilities as a caretaker of livestock will fall on the shoulders of the person that is injured in a collision and wanting to make a claim about negligence. However, this is not impossible with the right legal counsel that is experienced in this admittedly niche issue.

Cows or other animals on the road pose a risk to drivers. Either through distracted driving, poor conditions, or perhaps just animals walking on the road and becoming an impossible-to-maneuver-around obstacle, livestock collisions with vehicles are common. The key is preventing them as best as possible and if they occur, holding the person responsible for their role in the accident.

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All the Ways Personal Injury Attorneys Help Our Society

Posted by on Oct 26, 2018 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

I hear sometimes that people don’t like personal injury attorneys. I don’t actually see this in real life, but it’s a joke that gets told, and as much as I enjoy a good joke, this one isn’t really all that good.

The truth is, personal injury attorneys do a great deal to protect us against the bad things that happen to us. They make sure there are consequences for bad behavior, even when law enforcement and prosecutors aren’t able to hold the right people accountable. They also ensure the victims in most situations are given the financial compensation they need to get on with their lives after an accident.

When put that way, it’s clear that personal injury attorneys are actually pretty noble and pretty important to our society.

Just consider some of the ways they help. Here are the ways Evans Moore, a personal injury attorney, can help his clients:

  • Auto accidents, so that those injured get the compensation for their injuries and to repair their vehicles.
  • Trucking accidents, so that those harmed by big rigs get help after they suffer what are likely very serious injuries.
  • Wrongful death, so that the surviving family isn’t left in financial ruin when others cause the death of their father, mother, or other loved one.
  • Workers’ compensation, so that anyone injured at work gets the legally required assistance they need without their employer withholding help.
  • Jail misconduct, so that those who take advantage of prisoners are held accountable for the suffering they cause.
  • Dram shop liability, so that establishments that recklessly serve those who are already drunk are held accountable when a drunk driving accident occurs.
  • Nursing home abuse, so that those who are weak and elderly can’t be taken advantage of with no consequences.
  • Hospital negligence, so that those in need of serious medical help aren’t left to get worse by the negligence of our country’s healers.
  • Product liability, so that those who produce and sell dangerous products aren’t able to profit off of the harm they’ve caused others.

Look over that list. That’s a list of very necessary services. Those are services that we need someone in the legal world to handle, but which are often not handled by criminal defense attorneys or prosecutors, police, or others in that field. When someone is harmed by others in our society, particularly in situations where they should be able to expect to be safe, we need a way to hold the right people accountable and to help those who were the victims in those situations.

With personal injury attorneys, we get the representation to  do just that. We get legal experience on our side against those who were negligent, even when they represent big companies or vast interests. That seems like a pretty important job to me, and so, I really don’t think those jokes are very funny.

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Why Yachts are Good Social Event Venues

Posted by on Aug 3, 2017 in Social Events | 0 comments

Yachts are not just for the private endeavors of rich people. They are versatile vessels. According to the website of Anita Dee Yacht Charters, yachts can be customized, so they can be effective venues for social events, ranging from formal ones like product launches and proms to informal like birthday parties. As a financially average person, you can experience these things through renting.

But why should you consider a yacht for your social event? Isn’t it enough to make client meetings in office function rooms, proms in school gyms, and birthday parties in backyards? Yacht has a lot of advantages over these settings.

Moving Venue

If you want to make a memorable event, one of the first things you consider is, where do you hold the event in the first place? A yacht is an exotic choice, because it is not a stationary venue. It is not very common for a social event to be held in the water. These facts alone are enough to make your social event standout, and therefore memorable.

Scenic View

Your social event venue is not just a moving vessel, it is also surrounded by a scenic view, as it traverses the water. You should not underestimate the power of sunrises, sunsets, lights from the moon and stars, and the lights from the urban jungle you are escaping. There are even charter packages where you can get fireworks, adding to the scenic view, not to mention that the display can be a minor event inside your social event.

Luxurious Feel

It is not everyday that your guests experience a social event in a water vessel. Technically, it may just be as costly as renting a ballroom or function hall, but a yacht offers a different kind of luxury, mainly focusing on the fact that it is an expensive vessel moving in water, while you and your guests attend the social event. Because it is out-of-the-box, the luxurious feel is magnified.

Limited Liability

If you personally host your social event in your own property, like your house or backyard, you are fully liable to any accidents and injuries that may happen, not to mention that it is likely that you are also firsthand in arranging the needs of the event. In a yacht, you may still be liable, but at least you are transferring some liability to the yacht owner or business owner as well. This means that both you and the renter will do its best to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and this is the very thing that may save your social event from complete disaster.

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Keeping Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace Clean and Breathable

Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 in Clean Air Solutions | 0 comments

One effective way to improve air quality in manufacturing facilities is by controlling airborne contaminants and dust. Manufacturers and plant owners are aware that keeping indoor air quality in their major responsibility; they must also be able to keep up with changing air quality regulations.

Regulations on air quality standards in U.S. workplaces are set by the following government agencies and organization:

  1. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – an agency of the U.S. federal government, the main task of which is to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.
  2. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or sometimes USEPA) – another agency of the federal government of the United States which was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment.
  3. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) – a 501(c)(3) charitable scientific organization that advances occupational and environmental health. The ACGIH is made up of industry professionals who maintain their own list of air quality standards. These standards are based on rigorous science and industry expertise, and are actually more stringent than the air quality standards required by OSHA. Thus, despite having no legal authority to impose its standards on other manufacturers, it, nonetheless, is highly recognized by OSHA. In fact, OSHA often follows the ACGIH’s scientific findings.

Unlike in the past, plant owners can now choose from a variety of ways to contain airborne dust and contaminants. The type of manufacturing process a facility is involved in is not even an issue. Whether its manufacturing process involves chemicals, wood, paper, pharmaceutical products, food or metals, there is a dust collecting system that will fit its needs regardless of the available space it has, its layout and the amount of dust and contaminants generated.

A website with the address shares vital information on the most modern types of dust and fume collection systems that can effectively and efficiently keep indoor air clean and breathable. Besides ensuring a work environment where workers can stay safe, these modern types of dust and fume collection systems will also enable manufacturers to comply with government regulations on air quality standards.



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Use of Cell Phone while Driving: Still the Highest Cause of Preventable Accidents

Posted by on Mar 9, 2017 in Distracted Driving | 0 comments

Texting while driving accounts for the highest number of car crashes among the many types of driver error or distracted driving. Due to the danger it puts a driver, other motorists and pedestrians on the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) passed a law that illegalizes this irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. Though different from being intoxicated due to liquor or drugs, texting and using handheld phones, likewise, impair a driver, as these also take away a driver’s concentration and lessen his/her capability to make timely reactions in the event of an emergency.

A study conducted by the National Safety Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental group devoted to protecting the life and health of the American people, revealed that car accidents, due to cell phone use, is highest among young drivers, but so are drunk-driving and reckless driving. The same study also showed that while majority of young drivers say that no driver should text while operating a vehicle, they, themselves, are guilty of committing this very irresponsible act. What is more alarming, however, is their belief that they are texting only when it was safe, like at stop lights, and that they have full control of the vehicle, anyway.

Using a handheld phone to text, make or answer a call, makes a driver take his/her hand off the wheel and his/her eyes off the road. In driving, there is no “too short a time” when attention is diverted to something else, for even a couple of ticks on the watch can already be too long, long enough to cause an accident which, in turn can result to severe injuries or even death.

The government does not ban texting and using handheld phones altogether, but if a driver really needs to text or call someone, then he/she is advised to drive and stop his/her vehicle at a safe spot first and then he/she can text or make a call. In this event, accidents can be prevented and everyone guaranteed safe. Accidents are unexpected events, of course, but these are mainly due to recklessness and/or negligence; thus, these can easily be prevented if only drivers will decide to follow the traffic rules which they were asked to learn by heart when they were still trying to learn how to drive.

According to the Benton Law Firm, “While the majority of car accidents result in minor to no injuries, there are still far too many accidents that claim lives and cause serious injuries to thousands of victims each year. A car accident lawyer understands the devastating effects of car accidents. Though no amount of compensation can truly eliminate the physical and emotional pain caused by a car accident, it can help relieve a large amount of stress during your recovery.”

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