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All the Ways Personal Injury Attorneys Help Our Society

Posted by on Oct 26, 2018 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

I hear sometimes that people don’t like personal injury attorneys. I don’t actually see this in real life, but it’s a joke that gets told, and as much as I enjoy a good joke, this one isn’t really all that good.

The truth is, personal injury attorneys do a great deal to protect us against the bad things that happen to us. They make sure there are consequences for bad behavior, even when law enforcement and prosecutors aren’t able to hold the right people accountable. They also ensure the victims in most situations are given the financial compensation they need to get on with their lives after an accident.

When put that way, it’s clear that personal injury attorneys are actually pretty noble and pretty important to our society.

Just consider some of the ways they help. Here are the ways Evans Moore, a personal injury attorney, can help his clients:

  • Auto accidents, so that those injured get the compensation for their injuries and to repair their vehicles.
  • Trucking accidents, so that those harmed by big rigs get help after they suffer what are likely very serious injuries.
  • Wrongful death, so that the surviving family isn’t left in financial ruin when others cause the death of their father, mother, or other loved one.
  • Workers’ compensation, so that anyone injured at work gets the legally required assistance they need without their employer withholding help.
  • Jail misconduct, so that those who take advantage of prisoners are held accountable for the suffering they cause.
  • Dram shop liability, so that establishments that recklessly serve those who are already drunk are held accountable when a drunk driving accident occurs.
  • Nursing home abuse, so that those who are weak and elderly can’t be taken advantage of with no consequences.
  • Hospital negligence, so that those in need of serious medical help aren’t left to get worse by the negligence of our country’s healers.
  • Product liability, so that those who produce and sell dangerous products aren’t able to profit off of the harm they’ve caused others.

Look over that list. That’s a list of very necessary services. Those are services that we need someone in the legal world to handle, but which are often not handled by criminal defense attorneys or prosecutors, police, or others in that field. When someone is harmed by others in our society, particularly in situations where they should be able to expect to be safe, we need a way to hold the right people accountable and to help those who were the victims in those situations.

With personal injury attorneys, we get the representation to  do just that. We get legal experience on our side against those who were negligent, even when they represent big companies or vast interests. That seems like a pretty important job to me, and so, I really don’t think those jokes are very funny.

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